About Us

Bookies at Judy's House

Judy, Sheryl, Nora, Martha, Anne and Diane, May 2006 at Bush Home

The Highland Bookies formed in October 1996. The original members were Nora Ruppert, Judy Bush, Anne Pinkerton and Mary Sue Tate. Joining soon thereafter were Martha Boon, Peggy Fevurly, Kae Kemmerling, Sheryl Davidson and Diane Davis and Jan Lewallen.

We met monthly, taking turns going to one anothers’ houses. Each month the hostess would select a book in advance. We read all or part of the book and met to discuss it over either snacks or lunch or dinner. We also managed to talk about our lives, as well. Sometimes we didn’t really get to the book at all. Other books inspired great discussions. 

One of our favorite things was participating in Literary Sojourn. Anne, Sheryl and Diane attended their first literary sojourn in the fall of 2001 in Steamboat Springs. Over the years we all attended when we could. It is a weekend in a condo where we get to hear from 5 authors selected by the Steamboat Springs Library. After a nice luncheon we stood in line to visit with the authors and have our books signed.

We’re a little spread out now. The only one left in the Highlands 460 is MarthaSheryl lives in Portland, OR, Diane is in Larkspur, CO,  Nora in Highlands Ranch, CO, Anne in Reno, NV, and Judy in Sykesville, MD. But we’re still the Highland Bookies. We meet when we can, and hope to be able to continue to enjoy our fall weekends in Steamboat Springs every year. 

We reviewed our books from our very first meeting, Visit the Books We Read page for individual book reviews!