Literary Sojourn 2017

Sojourn 2017 Authors and Bookies

Authors at Sojourn 2017Bookies who attended
Robert Olen ButlerJudy Bush
Nadia HashimiSuzanne Rigby
Eowyn IveyJana Roylance
Paulette JilesKenna Manwaring
Amor TowlesSusan Rigby
Chris Cleave

2017 Book Reviews by the Bookies

AuthorBookBookie GradeReview
Amor TowlesGentleman in MoscowJudyAThe concept of being under house arrest for 50 years was incredible! It takes a masterful author to make that work, and Amor Towles did that. It was so interesting, and the characters were all so vivide and real. I loved it!
Robert Olen ButlerPerfume RiverJudyB-I hated this book. It is about two brothers and a father who can't get over Vietnam 50 years later! Grow up and get over it!
Nadia HashimiA House Without WindowsJudyAA great story about women in Afghanistan! I loved learning about the country and was super grateful I was born in America.
Eowyn IvySnow ChildJudyAThis was almost magical in the appearance of the snow childe. Yet it was also real. I loved it. I loved the characters and I loved Alaska!
Paulette JilesNews of the WorldJudyAWhat an interesting story of a man in the aftermath of the Civil War. His journey with the freed captive was tender and touching. I loved the journey they took together.
Nadia HashimiA House Without WindowsNoraB+Was ready to dread this book, since the Middle East is not my favorite subject, but I ended up quite liking it, especially the relationships among the women. Not sure that they really reflect Afghan society, which I suspect is a lot more tribal in its relationships.
Eowyn IvyTo the Bright Edge of the WorldNoraBQuite an interesting epistolary novel about the opening of Alaska to exploration.
Amor TowlesRules of CivilityNoraALoved the writing and the way he evokes an era. Reminded me of The Great Gatsby, without the angst.
Robert Olen ButlerPerfume RiverNoraCDitto what Judy said!
Amor TowlesA Gentleman in MoscowKennaAEnjoyed this book so much. An interesting look at the history of Russia. I loved the connections he made with people and his interactions with them.
Snow ChildEowyn IveyKennaAAn interesting look at life in Alaska in the early days. Loved the mix of truth and fairy tale.
The House with no WindowsNadia HashimiJanaA-Loved learning about the culture in Afghanistan. Didn't like how the women were treated! I liked the characters and how they all came together
Little BeeChris CleaveJanaBI liked this book as well. It was interesting to figure out how little Bee knew the couple from England, how they were connected.
A Good Scent from a Strange MountainRobert Olen ButlerSuzanneI worked REALLY hard to finish this book, and I was sick to death of Vietnam refugees by the end! It's a book of short stories all on the same topic. The first few were mildly interesting, he should have quit while he was ahead.
A Gentlemn in MoscowRobert Olen ButlerSuzanneD+I think this was one of my favorite books I read this sojourn. I loved how this man turned a life sentence into a full life! He was such an interesting character and just when you think he's predictable he does something unpredictable. I loved learning about the aftermath of the Bolshevik revolution.
The Pearl that Broke its ShellNadia HashimiSuzanneBThis book was about a family of girls in Afghanistan and how the culture limited their individuality and theirlufe choices. It was at times tragic and frustrating, and made me realize just how much freedom we enjoy! I was glad the ending left you with a glimmer of hope for the women's future.
Snow ChildEowyn IvySuzanneAI read this book years ago and thorough enjoyed the fairy tale aspect of the book. I lived the backdrop of the Alaska wilderness and the characters were interesting and believable. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.
News of the WorldPaulette GilesSuzanneA+I loved loved loved this book! I thought the relationship between the old man and the little girl was so tender and sweet. I also liked learning more about the after effects of children held captive. I'm so glad the story continued til she grew up so we could see how their story ended. I will be looking forward to reading more books by this author.
Little BeeChris CleaveSuzanneBI read this book years ago as well and remember that I enjoyed it.

Little BeeChris CleaveJudyBI read this book several years ago and remember I enjoyed it.